Playing the piano for one Picasso in India 🇪🇸

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Lodha Luxury hosted in Mumbai an exhibition to admire the works of maestros like Picasso and FN Souza.
Lodha Luxury, along with DAG, hosted the setting of an elite art colonnade on February 3, at The Pinnacle, 65th floor, The World Villas, World One…


An I was there playing the piano..

They are some things that I especially loved from this event-

First one, and the most important thing is that the food was not spicy and the event was full of desserts- At the end, I was so full of chocolate and sugar that I could hardly come back home.

Secondly memorable thing is the view from Lodha World Towers- This is something unforgettable and an experience that I recommend to everyone-

*Lodha Tower view

The repertoire that I played on the piano solo was especially Erik Satie, Jerry Martin, and Chilly Gonzales- Some Spanish and Goa music was including making honor to the artist and his childhood. Since the big piano was tunned for the occasion and it was a big piano in perfect conditions I felt like putting the BSO of the event. In the shadow, but with a big presence everywhere.

This is something that I actually love to be playing in Lobbys and different place like that-

You are there, creating the environment but in the shadow, so none is really taking care of you.

I will never forget those moments when the well-dressed marriage comes into the room and I create a creepy improvisation, switching the scene to a scary Tim Burton Movie in instead of a tender beautiful moment

Beautiful couple                                                                    What I transform with the music

I felt that the whole environment, vibe, and feel of the event was beautiful, with the tender feeling of Anita Lodha organizing everything.


I leave you here some recommendations for the music that I played there:

Chilly Gonzales

Jerry Martin

Erik Satie:


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